The following printed materials were used as sources of information for these web pages.

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  • Wilson, Keith. The First US Astronaut Crew Patches. Spaceflight magazine, May 1996, pp.172-173. A discussion of Gemini crew patches.

Patch Information on the Web

  • Without doubt, the best online resource for patch collectors is Chris Spain's Crew Patches web site. Chris has done a terrific job of researching the various versions of patches. If you collect patches, it is an essential reference. Believe me. Just go there right now.

  • Jacques van Oene has a terrific Space Patch website. He's gathered significant information to supplement what's found in Lattimer. He seems to specialize in "unofficial" patches, and authored (with Bert Vis) an article on the subject which was published in the March 1999 issue of the British Interplanetary Society's Spaceflight magazine. His site site attempts to cover patches for all manned spaceflights, up to the present day. Check it out.

  • The CollectSpace site has a forum for discussing patches. All the past discussions are archived, which makes it a tremendous resource.

  • Johnson Space Center's Imagery Services has a Digital Image Collection which includes "official" images of mission patches. The scans are, sadly, not all that great. For quality digital images, I recommend the Project Apollo Archives, also cited below.

  • I'm thrilled to report that the NASA History Division now is a terrific resource for patch images. And they no longer host images of patches prior to Gemini 5 -- Huzzah!

General Spaceflight Information Sources

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