Later Patches

STS - The Space Shuttle

Following the 1975 ASTP flight, there was a lull in American manned space flights until 1981, when the first flight of the Space Shuttle was flown. Crewed by veteran astronaut John Young (who flew the first Gemini mission, as well as three other flights) and rookie Robert Crippen, the STS-1 mission was the first time the initial flight of a spacecraft and the first time the initial flight of a launch vehicle was crewed.

STS Crew Patches

ISS - The International Space Station

While research and planning began earlier, what was to eventually become the International Space Station was officially approved for implementation in 1984 when then-president Ronald Reagan proposed "Space Station Freedom" in his state-of-the-union address. The station went through numerous designs and re-designs before finally emerging as a multi-national effort, which includes Russia as an integral partner. The first component was finally launched in 1998, and the first crew occupied the station in 2000.

ISS Expedition Patches

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